Since Saladmaster Cookware is not available through traditional retail outlets, we have put together a series of videos that should educate you as to why so many people are choosing this product to prepare healthier foods is less time.  Happy viewing...

Why Saladmaster - there is only ONE product with this technology and performance. Discover why Saladmaster is the #1 selling premium cookware on the market today.


Cooked Food is Dead-  when we cook our food, we lose 50-80% of the food's nutrients. Learn about the enemies of nutrition in the kitchen.


Saladmaster Solutions - the unique construction of Saladmaster allows you to cut your kitchen time by 50% or more while retaining an average of 93% of your food's nutrients. 

See how Saladmaster can Change your Life!


Competitive Advantages - Learn how Saladmaster cookware compares to other stainless steel sold in stores or waterless cookware sold through distributors.


Hidden Dangers - you may already be aware of the some of the health hazards of non-stick or aluminum. 
Did you know that most stainless steel, caste iron and even enamel or glass cookware can pose problems?


Pricing & Packaging - Saladmaster is made from the highest quality of materials and is crafted to give you the ultimate in cooking performance.  To enjoy full service and lifetime warranty, this cookware can only be purchased through authorized Dealers. Find out how affordable Saladmaster can be (upload cookware pictures - send in separate email).


Healthy Cooking Show - see, touch and taste why everyone is raving about Saladmaster.  See a 7 items salad prepared in 1 minute!!!

Additional Benefits (rename schedule your dinner today to Additional Benefits) - cut your storage space by 70% and see how you can cook a 5 item meal on one burner.


Testimonies - Some feedback of real customers

Dinner Registration - contact us to schedule a private or group cooking show in the comfort of your home or one of our local Dealerships

Product Info - Why Saladmaster

Hosting Info - learn more about hosting a Saladmaster dinner